ONYX9590 Vantage Pulse Oximeter | Blue

ONYX9590 Vantage Pulse Oximeter | Blue



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  • The Onyx is the only finger pulse oximeter with scientifically proven accuracy in motion and low perfusion and it is tested for use on fingers, thumbs and toes
  • Accurate - Scientifically proven performance in the widest range of patient populations and settings
  • Durable - Protects against dropping and water spills; allows for thousands of uses in the most demanding enviroments
  • Efficient - Up to 6,000 spot checks or 36 hours of continual operation on two AA batteries
  • Safe - Built in the USA with lead-free and latex-free construction
  • Versatile - One unit works on the widest range of patients from pediatric to larger adult paitents
  • Warranted - Industry-leading 5 year warranty
  • Cost effective - proven accuracy, quality and durability make the Onyx Vantage a smart purchase for the long term

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