Mepore Low Exudate Dressing | 7 x 8cm | Pack of 55

Mepore Low Exudate Dressing | 7 x 8cm | Pack of 55


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Self-adhesive absorbent dressing
Mepore is the original self-adhesive absorbent dressing. The result of continual innovation over the past 30 years, Mepore combines gentle and secure fixation with excellent absorption properties and ease of use.

Over 30 years of being there for you

Since 1979, more than 1.5 billion original Mepore dressings have been used. Perhaps because Mepore was the first self-adhesive dressing of it's kind*. Perhaps because it's been improved and developed and is now the dressing of choice for millions of health care professionals worldwide. Mostly, we think, for one simple unsurprising reason: dependable performance. Shift in and shift out. Since day one.


  • Easy-to-remove protection paper for ease of use
  • Soft, elastic nonwoven with high breathability for better patient comfort
  • Absorbent wound pad with a low-adherent wound contact layer for better patient comfort and longer wear time
  • Skin-friendly, water-based, solvent-free adhesive for gentle and secure fixation
  • Rounded corners for secure fixation
  • Air permeable, prevents maceration and gives better comfort

* Spunlaced non-woven

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