MediPlast Washproof Spot Plasters | Pack of 100


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Mediplast waterproof plasters protect minor cuts and wounds while they heal. Due to their waterproof feature, they are ideal for helping to keep minor injuries and grazes clean without weakening when near water. Therefore the skin around the affected area can be washed for hygiene without compromising the plaster's efficacy.

  • Pack of 100 spot plasters 
  • Washproof material allows skin around wounds to be easily kept clean while protecting the cut from infection.
  • Diameter of 2.5cm for sufficient surface area coverage
  •  Easy application
  • Plasters remain in place while acting as a barrier against water, virus, bacteria, and fungi.
  •  They are also comprised of a hypoallergenic adhesive for reduced irritation, and they are also latex-free to decrease the likelihood of an allergic reaction.
  • They are suitable for storing in a first aid kit or carrying in a bag to ensure they can be kept at hand for unexpected incidents or injuries.



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