Instramed Adult One Way Mouthpieces | Pack of 500

Instramed Adult One Way Mouthpieces | Pack of 500


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  • For use with peak flow meters
  • Individually wrapped
  • Single use mouthpieces help protect patients from cross infection
  • Helps to ensure accurate readings and prolongs the life of your equipment
  • Clinically clean
  • Size colour coded
  • Pack of 500

Difference between peak flow meter and spirometer

A peak flow meter measures a patient’s ‘Peak Expiratory Flow’ . It is a measure of how fast you are able to forcefully exhale after full inhalation.

A spirometer assesses a patient’s lung function. It offers a larger set of parametric values regarding lung health than a peak flow meter does. Spirometry requires a patient to perform specific breathing maneuvers using a spirometer.


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