Instramed 1st Trimester Tray with Curved Forceps

Instramed 1st Trimester Tray with Curved Forceps


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Instrammed 1st-trimester tray has everything you need for a 1st-trimester examination. The product manufacturer is Farla Medical, an expert manufacturer of medical items used by practitioners worldwide. You are guaranteed a high-quality product that meets the recommended certification. 

This product includes: 

  • 1 x Blue tray

- Plastic visibly coloured tray with sufficient space for all equipment 

  • 1 x Fold-out sterile field 85 x 90cm
  • 1 x Teales vulsellum forceps - 23cm

  • 1 x Vaginal speculum - medium, red, 26mm

-These hand-finished Speculums have smooth rounded ends for patient comfort

  • 1 x Gallipot 120ml

- sterile polypropylene bowl

  • 5 x X-ray detectable cotton gauze swabs 12 ply 10 x 10cm
  • 1 x Paper blue tissue /PE 60 x 60cm