DispozABLE Spacer | Pack of 10

DispozABLE Spacer | Pack of 10


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DispozABLE Spacer has been designed to meet a specific market need. A low cost, fast response spacer for delivering medication promptly. It is designed to be used in an emergency situation, for example in an ambulance or school. DispozABLE Spacer is to be used as a single patient, single use spacer. This simple intuitive design allows non-professionals to assemble it quickly, instructions are included on the spacer, adding to the element of ease.

  • Simple to use
  • Effective
  • For use in any emergency situation; ambulance or school
  • Easy to assemble for non-professional
  • No mask required
  • Pack of 10

What is this product used for?

Emergency use spacer, designed to be used with ease, by non-professionals. Instructions are displayed on the spacer.