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The Coolview CLED23 is the perfect examination light for clinicians who only want the best, uncompromising lighting performance in an elegant, high tech, package.

Highest Light Quality
  • 60,000 lux at 0.5m
  • Intensity adjustable through 4 settings
  • 16 LEDs
Colour Control Settings
  • Warm white (3,500°k), ideal for dermatological examinations
  • Daylight white (4,500°k) is ideal for the recognition of blood vessels
  • Anti-microbial formula molded into the lamp head
  • Inhibits the growth of micro organisms including MRSA
  • More than an external coating, the lamp is permanently resistant to contamination
Spring-Balanced Positioning
  • Innovative spring arm system ensures effortless use
  • Lamp head has full 360° rotation at the arm joint
  • Ceiling models have full 360° rotation about the ceiling pole
Environmentally Friendly
  • Maintenance free light source (no replacement bulbs)
  • Minimal power consumption
  • LEDs contain no Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, CFC’s, POPs, VOCs or Halogens

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