Astralite ALE10 Ceiling Mounted Light (100 KLux)

Astralite ALE10 Ceiling Mounted Light (100 KLux)



1 Week Delivery

  • Uses HD-LED Technology to provide superior light performance
  • The wipe clean controls and ‘auto on’ feature ensure the light remains as hygienic as possible
  • The impressive 180mm diameter illuminates large areas at ease
  • The high >95 Ra colour rendition index reduces eye strain, allowing the user to easily distinguish small differences in tissue
  • The high >95 R9 red colour rendition allows the user to have enhanced visualisation of red tissues
  • Beam Size D10 @ 1m 180mm
  • Beam Size 250mm
  • Colour Temperature 3500- 5000K
  • White Light (Ra) >95
  • Red Colour (R9) >95

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