Vitalograph Resus Bags | Autoclavable | Child

Vitalograph Resus Bags | Autoclavable | Child


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The ResusBag is a portable, manually operated resuscitator, available in threesizes designed for adults, children and infants. The resuscitator is operated bysqueezing the bag which forces air out through the patient-valve. On release thebag self-inflates, drawing air through the intake-valve. During exhalation, thepatient-valve directs the exhaled gases to the atmosphere. Spontaneous breathingcan be effected through the patient-valve.If oxygen enrichment is required, the intake-valve incorporates a nozzle for theattachment of oxygen tubing. When higher oxygen concentrations are necessary,the Oxygen Reservoir can be fitted to the intake-valve.The patient-valve has a standard 15/22mm taper for attachment of an E.T. tubeor a facemask.

  • Single use or autoclaveable
  • Cushion masks
  • O2 Reservoir line
  • Conforms to EN ISO 10651-4:2002
  • Available in adult, child or paediatric