Velleda Wboard Marker 1751 Mlti PK4

Velleda Wboard Marker 1751 Mlti PK4



1 Week Delivery

BIC Velleda1751 ECOlutions is a low-odour, alcohol-based, dry-wipe board Marker with a wide chisel tip that can be used to produce either fine or broad line widths, depending your office or learning circumstance. With black, blue, red and green inks available, you can find the bold colour that is ideal for each situation. Made from 51 per cent recycled materials*, the board Marker is an environmentally friendly writing instrument as well as being versatile thanks to its chisel tip. Its good eras ability makes it quick and simple to correct any mistakes whether it is straight after writing or after a few days' wait.
*excluding ink system


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