Quickclot Gauze | Z Fold

Quickclot Gauze | Z Fold



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QuickClot Gauze are soft, white, sterile and are impregnated with Kaolin- an insert that does not contain animal or human proteins or botanicals. Flexible and pliable and contours to all wounds indicated for temporary external control of traumatic bleeding.

  • Gauze: 3” x 4 yds
  • Z-Fold: Z Fold eliminates risk of roll falling getting contaminated, X Ray detectable strip- ensures gauze will be found if patient is taken to the operating room
  • XL:Z-Fold, vacuum packed & X-ray detectable
  • Trauma Pad: 12 x 12”, 3 ply, X-ray detectable strip
  • 5x5, 10x10: Packaged in an easy to peel foil pouch for aseptic technique, can achieve hemostasis in as little as 3 minutes, X-ray detectable

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