Peezy Midtstream Urine Collection Device | 30ml Universal Standard

Peezy Midtstream Urine Collection Device | 30ml Universal Standard


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Collects urine into traditional 30ml Universal Container (with Boric option)

Peezy Midstream is the gold standard midstream urine (MSU) collection device. It has been developed to guarantee an accurate urine specimen for dipstick and laboratory analysis. Over 60 million urine specimens are taken each year, as many as 30% of these samples are contaminated and should be retested. Peezy can reduce contamination to just 4%.

NHS Prescription Services will reimburse Peezy at £0.99 each.

As many as 1 in 3 specimens obtained using conventional sampling techniques produce a ‘false-positive’ result, leading to incorrect or delayed diagnosis of patients, unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics and added costs due to laboratory retests and repeat appointments.

The aim of an MSU is to obtain urine from the middle of the bladder, as the first pass may be contaminated with resident flora and bacteria from the skin. An accurate MSU will confirm or deny the presence of a urinary infection, aiding prompt, accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Peezy Midstream captures the accurate midstream specimen first time, reducing retest rates to as little as 1 in 20 patients. This improved accuracy ensures that patients are diagnosed promptly, correctly and given the specific antibiotics required. Accuracy, infection control, hygiene and dignity are just some of the many benefits that Peezy Midstream brings to the patient, clinician and healthcare facility.

Peezy Midstream is a far kinder way of giving a right-first-time urine sample saving time and money across primary and secondary healthcare settings..


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