Novaplus T380 Ag Coil, Maxi

Novaplus T380 Ag Coil, Maxi


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  • Intrauterine device with a special basic " Y " shaped structure which disappears completely into the Insertion cannula by pulling the threads for assembly and removal
  • The mini size is useful for nulliparous , a normal size isn’t suitable because of pain and bleeding
  • It has a 380 mm2 copper wire spiral with a silver core
  • Loading tube 3.8 mm
  • Recommended time in place 5 years
  • Sterile single use, CE marked
  • Avaliable in Novaplus Normal = (W)31 x 133mm, Mini = (W)24 x 130.5mm, Maxi =(W)36.5 x 138mm

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