Heine NC2 Dermatoscope Set, Plus Contact Plate with Scales/7



1 Week Delivery

HEINE NC 2 is a conventional dermatoscope with a scale and 10 x magnification. Simply remove the contact plate – and the NC 2 transforms into a non-contact dermatoscope with 6 x magnification.

Clear, reflection-free and highly detailed image: The correct distance from the object is set automatically when the contact plate is used (10 x magnification); integrated scale for realistic size approximation.

Efficient examination with a large field of view: 6 x magnification without the magnetically held contact plate.

Especially large overview field: HEINE precision optics with 27 mm diameter for unmatched sharpness, high-resolution images.

True colour rendering: LED in HQ – twice as bright as the predecessor model NC 1. Completely homogeneous, bright light with true colour rendering for a precise diagnosis.

Easy photo documentation: Fast and simple to operate with the accessories for Apple® iPhone® from Version 5s* and the NC 2 app – even in non-contact mode.

NC 2 app. Fast, simple monitoring and documentation. Up to 30 x digital magnification / up to 12 MP resolution.** Integrated patient management function, e-mail function, assignment of image information and patient details on a bodymap.

Always ready to use: Polarised illumination for immediate examination without the use of immersion fluids.

Two techniques are available for reducing skin reflection:

  • Direct incident light illumination with immersion fluids (such as special oil): fluid is applied between contact plate and skin
  • Polarisation technique: Special polarised illumination makes it possible to view skin layers even without immersion fluids

Incl. USB Handle, USB Cord with E4 USB medical approved plug-in power supply, Carry bag.

Please order the mounting case separately, see accessories.


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