Dopplex ABIlity Unit

Dopplex ABIlity Unit



2 Week Delivery

  • Based on volume plethysmography technology, which is superior to other automatic systems using the oscillometric method, the ABIlity is able to detect low ankle pressures in as low as 55mmHg and ABIs as low as 0.29 (Lewis, 2014)
  • Using the Patented Two Chamber cuffs, the Dopplex ABIlity excels over other ABI automatic systems as measure the blood in both arms, utilising the higher pressure to calculate the ABI. This complies with current guidelines for ABI measurement and calculation published by NICE, ESC, TASC2 and AHA
  • The rapid Bi-Lateral ABI measurement take less than 5 minutes per patient without the need for a clinician and is 95% accurate when compared to Ultrasound Duplex imaging (Lewis et al, 2014)
  • The unique Dopplex ABIlity printout satisfies the International Guidelines (ESC, 2011) that ABI should be undertaken on patients with suspected PAD as first line test and PVR waveform as second line test
  • Dopplex Reporter 4 package enables automated ABIs to be undertaken and saved in a patient database, providing full page documentation hard-copy printouts and PDF file capability

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