Cardioline Walk400H Holter ECG with Software

Cardioline Walk400H Holter ECG with Software



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Walk400H recorder & cubeholter ECG holter software are the two components that combine to make this the number 1 contender when considering the purchase of an ECG Holter system.

The Walk400H is a digital holter recorder equipped with high-resolution colour display and embedded voice recorder. It can perform 3 to 12 channel tests with a maximum duration of 7 days and continuously monitors ECG and patient position. Event marker and pacemaker spike detection are standard features. The cubeholter is an interactive software package for the complete management of the holter ECG. This latest software package offers the very latest features required by the specialist - complete report tables, trends, printouts etc. Full descriptive literature on both the Walk400H and the cubeholter software is available on request.

System consists:
  • CD Rom Cubeholter Software
  • USB protection key
  • Walk400H Recorder
  • Patient cable, 5 lead
  • USB connecting cable
  • Carry pouch
  • Disposable electrodes
  • Batteries
  • Operating manuals
  • 24 month warranty

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