Cardioline ECG100S 100mm Print ECG

Cardioline ECG100S 100mm Print ECG



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The device is a 12-lead, fully diagnostic electrocardiograph which displays, acquires, prints and stores ECG tracings for adults and children. It also calculates the main overall ECG parameters. The device is equipped with USB connectivity. ECG exams can be exported in SCP or PDF format.

The device can be supplied with the optional 12-lead Glasgow resting ECG interpretation algorithm, with specific criteria by age, sex and race. If this option is enabled, the algorithm provides full ECG interpretation in short or extended form, including infant, pediatric and acute ST elevation myocardial infarction detection. For further information on the resting ECG interpretation algorithm, see the Guidance for the physician on the application on adults and children (see accessories list). The device is battery or mains operated.

The printing formats supported include: standard or Cabrera 3, 3+1, 3+3 or 6 channels in automatic mode and 3 or 6 channels rhythm strip printing.

ECG100S is a high-performance, multi-channel, interpretative resting electrocardiograph. The ECG signal is acquired with a 10-wires patient cable and is displayed in real time on a LCD screen integrated in the device. The lectrocardiograph can analyse and store the ECG traces, send them to an external peripheral via USB, print the 12 lead ECG in automatic or manual mode by means of a thermal printer. ECG100S is intended for assessment and diagnosis of cardiac functions. In any case the results of analysis performed by the electrocardiograph must be validated by a Physician. ECG100S is intended for use in hospitals, in medical clinics and doctor’s offices of any size.

  • The device is indicated for use to acquire, analyse, display and print electrocardiograms.
  • The device is intended to provide the physician with an automatic interpretation of the ECG to be reviewed by a physician.
  • The device is indicated for use in a clinical setting, by a physician or by trained personnel who are acting on the orders of a licensed physician. It is not intended as a sole means of diagnosis.
  • The interpretations of ECG offered by the device are only significant when used in conjunction with a physician over-read as well as consideration of all other relevant patient data.
  • The device is indicated for use on adult and pediatric populations.
  • The device is not intended to be used as a vital signs physiological monitor.

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