Accoson Velcro Cuff Control Valve with Double Tube

Accoson Velcro Cuff Control Valve with Double Tube


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Thermofocus Non-Contact Clinical Thermometer

The Thermofocus uses totally safe infrared technology to instantly read the core body temperature at the forehead. Taking the temperature at the temporal artery is deemed as accurate as rectal readings and more accurate than those taken at the ear. Thermofocus is non-invasive, totally hygienic, and non irritating to babies and patients.

Body temperature is measured by pointing the Kidz-Med Thermofocus at the center of the forehead or navel. When the LED red light beams form a single red spot, the reading is complete. It takes less than one second, and the temperature appears in the easy to read LCD display. Because there is no patient contact, there is no need to wake a sleeping baby or patient. It is easy to use and has up to nine memory readings.

The Thermofocus meets or exceeds thermometer accuracy tests according to ASTM E standards within +/-0.4°F under normal circumstances, and is FDA approved. It is more hygienic than ear thermometers because it does not touch the patient at all, and never needs expensive probe covers. Thermofocus is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) giving you up to 10,000 temperature readings.

The Thermofocus takes measurements at the forehead, navel or armpit, and can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius readings. In addition to body temperature, Thermofocus can read the ambient room temperature of other objects such as babies’ bottle, bath water or food. When used to take readings in other areas of the body such as the legs or feet, it can help detect infl ammations, circulation problems, and even infections in open wounds.

The first non-contact clinical thermometer
Uses totally harmless and safe infrared technology
9 memory function
Used and recommended by pediatricians everywhere
Patented global technology

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